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40th Street Trolley Portal to Break Ground in 2015

The University City District has successfully raised more than $1.4 million towards the transformation of the 40th Street Trolley Portal "from a blighted concrete slab into a vibrant community park and transit hub that is safe, sustainable, and social." The project is slated to break ground in 2015, and the 40th Street Trolley Portal Neighborhood Committee is still raising the funds necessary to keep the project on track.

Barry Grossbach, member of the Trolley Portal Neighborhood Committee, says:

For years, many of us in the neighborhood despaired over the appearance of the Trolley Portal at 40th and Baltimore. This entrance to our living space was nothing more than a concrete slab with crisscrossing trolley tracks...until the current leadership team at UCD took up the challenge...A landscaped and illuminated trolley portal will fulfill the dreams harbored by many of us West Philadelphians.

· University City District Annual Report 2014 (PDF) [UCD]