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When The Moon Is In The Seventh House, The Gallery Gets Turned Inside-Out

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Renderings via PREIT

Dawn broke this morning with newly-minted renderings of The Gallery, straight off the PREIT press. The half-a-billion dollar transformation of the now nearly-empty center city mall will entail breaking down its "fortresslike" exterior and replacing it with glass storefronts, even changing its name to the unfortunately-acronymed "Fashion Outlets of Philadelphia." PREIT CEO Joseph Coradino says that the renovation will take approximately two years, during which large portions of the structure will be closed. The company is still mum on plans regarding how the construction will impact the more than 13,000 commuters who use Jefferson Station each day, but, it's all good because "The moon is in the right house - it's Aquarius," says Coradino.
PREIT has yet to sign any tenants, but "we know who we can get," Coradino says. In addition to the possibility of an Eataly outpost, tenants in the new Gallery would be "lower-cost outlets of high-end clothing retailers, brands such as Gucci, Prada, and Burberry." According to the Inquirer, PREIT is "ready to begin demolition immediately upon reaching agreement with Council and other controlling agencies."

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