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New Land Bank RFP Puts Horse Back in Front of Cart

At the beginning of April, the Philadelphia Land Bank withdrew its first RFP —a parcel of lots on North Bodine Street — claiming that "development was not realistic for the site." At first blush, it might have seemed that "development was unrealistic" because the only proposals the Land Bank received for the site: using the site as a garden and off-street parking, were met unfavorably by those at the helm (or in city council), but this new RFP, which seeks the development of "an Upfront Pricing Model ("UPM") of vacant land in Philadelphia for its use" may shed some more light on why that first RFP might have actually been dropped. They didn't count the number of beans they had in the jar before the party.

Apparently the Lank Bank had been using the "results of a previous model and its update to provide an offering price for the surplus land held by the land holding agencies in Philadelphia since 2012." The new RFP, which requires that work be completed by the end of September, 2015, asks an agency or organization to, essentially, go over that previous model and update it, using Geographic Weighted Regression. The RFP also requires that the winning bidder develop guides for conducting assessments and ultimately synthesize its findings into quarterly reports and a comprehensive final assessment.

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