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Mapping the Median Rent of a One-Bedroom in Philadelphia

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The median asking rent for a one-bedroom in Philadelphia rose to $1,350 last month, officially making Philadelphia the 12th most expensive rental market in the country, trailing San Diego by a surprisingly small amount, according to rental website Zumper's latest rent report.
At a neighborhood level, the most expensive area was Logan Square, where the median price for a one-bedroom apartment was $1,850. Zumper's "Northern Liberties - Fishtown" designation also ranked among the most expensive of the Philadelphia 'hoods, at $1,770 a month for a one-bedroom abode, but chances are those numbers would look a tad different had they looked at NoLibs and Fishtown rents separately.

A caveat: Zumper's monthly reports tally the median asking rents for all the listings on Zumper's site during the prior month—meaning they're not a measure of what all Philadelphians are paying, but they do give a snapshot of the prices apartment hunters who went looking during the month of March were seeing.

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