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The Largest Green Wall In North America Is In This Bathroom

Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square was once the private home and garden of Pierre Du Pont, a property already rich in trees since the previous owners, Joshua and Samuel Pierce planted an arboretum on the property in 1798. In 1946, DuPont turned the land over to a foundation and Longwood opened to the public, now attracting nearly a million visitors each year. They've got a massive Christmas display during the holidays, special installations by world-renowned artists, Bonsai trees galore, and some killer (and spectacularly eco-friendly) pipes.

The garden's public restrooms, which feature in this episode of Golden Thrones, feature the largest green wall in North America, which according to the host, "boasts over 47,000 different types of plants." The 17 individual powder rooms tucked amongst the shrubbery feature: heated floors, unique onion-shaped ceilings to draw unpleasant odors up and out, and eco-friendly Toto valves that use 63% less water "than a typical flusher."

"Caring for the environment is one our tenets" at Longwood Gardens, says communications manager Patricia Evans, who also illuminated that some of the bathrooms are actually built into the side of the hill, which helps with heating and cooling. Plus, anything built into the side of a hill makes us think "Hobbit," which makes us think "elevensies," which makes us think "Breakfast Bomb," and there ain't nothing wrong with that.

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