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'Is Philadelphia Really That Bad?' What People Google About Philly and Its 'Hoods

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Inspired by recent explorations by Curbed NY, Seattle, and D.C. into what folks Google about when they're Googling about their cities, we decided to do the same kind of hard-hitting analysis about Philly. We started with a comparison between what questions auto-populate after typing in 'Philadelphia' versus the vernacular 'Philly.' We continued by Googling various Philly neighborhoods. Newsflash: no matter how you spell it, Philadelphians (and our tourists) are concerned about safety.

Then, we Googled Philly neighborhoods. Again with the ubiquitous safety question. Also, there's a Point Breeze in Pittsburgh? Right on!

Not a shocker: people searching Philly are interested in where to find: 1) Rocky, or 2) Beer.

Also not surprising is that Philadelphia's rich history ranks third behind Bradley Cooper's place of birth and where you can take a selfie with the Rocky statue.

Duh, everybody knows Philadelphia cream cheese can't be frozen (actually we didn't know that; we had to click on the link). (The other suggested links weren't even worth clicking on).

And we had to Google this, because we knew what the first result would be.

Philly! It's not really that bad. We swear.

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