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"Yes, That Is An Inflatable Pool On My Front Lawn," And Other Philly Idiosyncrasies

We eat hoagies here, not subs. We smoosh the word "water" so effectively that people from elsewhere have no clue what we just uttered, or ordered. We put Jimmies on our ice cream. We don't even question the scientific conundrum that is "Water Ice." But it's not just our dialect that marks us as Philadelphians. It's inflatable pools in our front yards (God Bless the Great Northeast). It's wanting to high-five a random cashier in one of the THOUSAND other states that allows liquor sales in convenience stores, and it's being able to close your eyes and remember exactly how it sounds (and smells) inside the heart at The Franklin Institute. Here are 31 things about Philadelphia that people from elsewhere find interesting, if not curious. And please. Enough with the cheesesteaks >>.