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'Greater Center City?' These Guys Don't Think So

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In its new "State of Center City" report, Center City District stretches the boundaries of Center City, declaring that 'Greater Center City' is now comprised of 7.7 square miles between Girard Avenue and Tasker Street, from the Delaware to the Schuylkill. "Since 2000, the population of this area grew by 16% to 183,240 residents," the report details. "Greater Center City now ranks second only to Midtown Manhattan in size of population among U.S."

But takes us down to South Philly and talks to long-time residents of the southern-most border of this new 'Greater Center City,' where often-time newcomers to the area are called "New Yorkers," and in a slip of the tongue, one South Philly gentleman, while searching for either "Yuppie" or "Hipster," accidentally coined the new moniker "Huppies" when describing the young people who have moved to the area. Billy Ski and Fred O'Rourke, who own a garage at Front and Tasker, give us their two cents: "I think they're getting a little ahead of themselves," says Billy. "This is South Philly."

Via "Sure, Center City is taking over." >>