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The Shore Repore: Atlantic City Update

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It's been a while since we've done one of these. But with powered-out Revel still looming above the city, and Bart Blatstein doing cartwheels down the boardwalk, we thought we'd head down the shore for a little A.C. update.

· Whatever the going slogan for A.C. is these days, we bet everyone involved is really glad they dropped the groan-worthy "Always Turned On." Because we would literally be drowning in puns right now. People would be powerless against the urge to pun, and pun frequently. Revel Casino is still in the dark, although the casino's former power supplier, ACR Energy Partners says: "an interim agreement with closed resort owner Polo North Country Club may come as early as Friday."

· Showboat Casino won't become the coolest college campus known to man, and this news was closely followed by news that the president of Stockton University has resigned amid the controversy surrounding the university's purchase of the casino.

· EDM festival "Electric Adventure" is coming in August, leaving its former host city of Seaside Heights. Party responsibly, kids.

· Bart Blatstein's got a vision for the failed Pier Shops. "It can't fail. It won't fail," he says, and we believe. Via "The 500,000-square-foot Playground, when finished by the end of the year, will boast three levels of music-intensive entertainment featuring 14 live-music venues including the 2,000-seat 39 N (named for the pier's longitudinal location), a bowling alley ("Bart's Bowl") and the sprawling Varsity Sports Bar."

· As further proof it's not all doom and gloom down the shore, there are a reported 1,400 job openings in A.C. casinos right now, 350 of them full time.