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More Than 700 Properties Are Up For Auction On May 5

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If you're in the mood for a bargain, you can always dip into the city-run dollar menu to see what vacant pieces of land you can snatch up for as little as a dollar. But if you've got a little more change rattling around in your pocket (and maybe want a little more house for your money), you may want to check out the Sheriff's Auction, where on May 5, a total of 736 properties around the city are scheduled to be auctioned off.

The new sheriff's sale app shows all the properties currently scheduled for the auction; you're also able to search for properties that will come available for future auctions.

While in the app, you can click on properties to bring up information on each parcel, including the expecting opening bid, the assessed value, and details on the home, including a google street view image, as in this Old City property currently scheduled for the May 5 auction.

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