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What Is This Mystery Development Behind The Divine Lorraine?

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We've all heard the "New Jersey is the armpit of New York" taunt, but did you know that 1300 Fairmount Avenue is considered a "pivotal knuckle" of North Broad Street? Apparently it is, and there are some mysterious happenings there as of late. Via Hidden City: "A company named Broad Street Holdings LP is looking to build a supermarket, two parking levels, two residential towers, and 27 residential row homes at 1300 Fairmount Avenue, which, according to the Inquirer listing, the state calls a "pivotal knuckle" of North Broad Street." And although who Broad Street Holdings really is, isn't immediately apparent, they've certainly got some ambitious plans for the area. "Three renderings for the project were unearthed, showing the alleged supermarket and two towers rising from the large site right behind the Divine Lorraine."

Update: RAL Companies, the developers behind the proposal for 1300 Fairmount, recently reached out to Curbed with the following comment:

"While the drawings pictured are very preliminary massing diagrams and there's a long way to go in the process, we're looking forward to continuing our work with community stakeholders, the City Council and the City administration to craft a fantastic mixed-use project for the North Broad Street corridor. Stay tuned."

Hidden City digs deeper. >>

Divine Lorraine Hotel

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