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Planners Give Go-Ahead To Ori Feibush's Stalled Project

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Jared Brey of the Plan Philly team reports that the City Planning Commission finally granted Ori Feibush approval to replace a warehouse at 2010 Wharton Street with 22 row houses (redesigned from a previous incarnation that was not immediately granted approval). The current design includes parking spots. It's "worth noting," says Jon Geeting while sharing the news on the Greater Philadelphia Planners, Urbanists and Designers group page, "that the lack of parking in the original plan would have made those houses more affordable." Via Plan Philly: "The houses are each 38 feet tall, with pilot houses and roof decks. Each has a parking space in the rear, accessed by a shared driveway. Despite the addition of parking to the project, some nearby residents still oppose it." >>