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Buy This 4 Bedroom for $600K, Be Someone's Favorite Landlord

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Photos via Keller Williams Center City Realty

In a world where short-term vacation rentals run the gamut from positively sublime to downright ridiculous, here's a chance to position yourself right smack in the center of the road: not, like, "Oh my God this was the most amazing experience of my life how will I ever be the same again," and not like "Holy shit this was the most horrific experience of my life how will I ever be the same again." Somewhere in the middle. This four-bedroom house, asking $599,000, is a multi-family property that features a separately metered one-bedroom unit occupying first floor, with three bedrooms in the residence above. Rent it out for the Papal visit, the DNC, some nice young couple just getting started, or chuck your in-laws down there. You do you. The residence features granite counters, stainless steel appliances, mercer tile, and a roof deck.

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