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How a Luxury Apartment Hotel in the Packard Building Could Help You on Your Path to Enlightenment

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Photos via Matthew Williams

It's probably not a stretch to assume that the majority of the people checking into a hotel for an extended stay would, at least at first, rather be somewhere else. Randall Cook, the chief executive officer of ROOST Apartment Hotel, knows this. He asks, "why do people need apartment hotels? Usually because they're in a unique time in their lives." But even if the circumstances that necessitate an extended hotel stay may not be ideal, Cook aims to create the ideal oasis for travel-weary guests. "How do we make this time special for them?" He asks. "How can we help stave off the isolation that accompanies travel?"

ROOST, located in the 1920's Packard Building on 15th and Chestnut, is an "alternative approach to hospitality...designed to ease a transitional period and encourage immersion to new surroundings." With interiors designed by Morris Adjmi Architects, ROOST features 27 furnished, fully equipped residences in its current Philadelphia location, and "a second location at 1831 Chestnut Street is expected to be up and running with 27 more units, plus a restaurant, by September. Together, they constitute a $25 million investment - and, Cook expects, the basis for a nationwide expansion."

The apartments—studios, one-bedrooms, and two-bedrooms, feature restored ornate vaulted ceilings, hardwood flooring, large factory-style windows (which also magically silence street noise), and are accented with 100-year old Turkmen rugs, handcrafted furnishings from Chelsea Textile, and living plants from Terrain. The design is thoughtful, inspired: bathroom countertops are purposefully oversized to accommodate a traveller's caboodle of cosmetics, still and sparkling water is provided free of charge in bespoke glass bottles, and refill stations are located on each floor, and refrigerators would fit a week's worth of groceries or more, easy. ROOST offers a fitness room, a library lounge, weekly socializing events, neighborhood guides, and most-importantly, a place of one's own, that at least for a little while, provides a home-like environment that fosters relaxation and introspection. Can we agree that this beats a pull-out couch by a long shot?

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