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Philadelphia Landmarks Attaining Nirvana Through #Yoga

A curious ritual rivaled only by duck lips in selfies is the yogi penchant for supplementing the subject of a snapshot with asana. While some of us may find a simple in-phone app may suffice for helping spruce up a landscape, the more limber among us choose to juxtapose their entire bodies over architectural landmarks, pieces of public art, and stunning geographical formations. The season for free public yoga may have only recently begun, but for the devoted, yoga is best served #everydamnday.

There's no more appropriate point of departure than at Robert Indiana's iconic LOVE statue, a permanent fixture in its namesake park and the site of countless engagements and overwrought romantic gestures since 1978. We really can't blame this Instagram user's urge to break out in a gorgeously-executed Natarajasana in its presence. Also: did you know why the "O" in the LOVE statue is crooked? Because, according to the artist, love isn't perfect. Unlike this yogini's form. ↓

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Just across the street from the LOVE statue, the Municipal Services Building plaza was transformed to a giant, fantastical game board in 1996. "Your Move is meant to juxtapose childhood memories with adult responsibilities." But, if you're a true yogini, you know how to embrace your youthful impulses anywhere, at any age. Check out this Adho mukha vrksasana. Be the Domino, friend. You are the Domino. ↓

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How do you top a sunset vista over West Philly from the Schuylkill River Banks? Virabhadrasana II, rendered in plaid. ↓

Who needs Lu Lu Lemon when you've got a good pair of plaid shorts, is what we say. Here they are again, saluting the Ben Franklin Bridge, which held the record of the longest single span of any suspension bridge in the world from 1926 to 1929. Namaste, Sun. Namaste, Camden. ↓

Fun fact: Pennsylvania (Penn's Woods) was not named for William Penn, but for his father. William Penn was granted the tract of land by King Charles II of England in 1681 as repayment of debt owed to Penn's father, Admiral William Penn. What better way to extend gratitude to ol' Billy Penn Junior for his unique vision for our City of Brotherly Love than to rocket up into Vrksasana (ah-hem. TREE pose), en masse? ↓

As the Comcast Tower looms in the background, these two yogis elegantly demonstrate the beauty of teamwork and trust. #fucomcast. #namaste. ↓

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Do not mourn that East Passyunk's iconic A Man's Image is moving on. Celebrate its journey with Adho Mukha Vrksasana. ↓

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Van der Weyden's Crucifixion, with the Virgin and Saint John (and #yoga), currently on display at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. ↓

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It's really really hard to make Philly's skyline look even better on a crisp spring day. That is, if you're not these two. ↓

Namaste, Philly yogis and yoginis!

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· Enjoy Free Yoga Classes Six-Days-A-Week At Race Street Pier And On The Weekends At Schuylkill Banks, Beginning In Early April [uwishunu]