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Comcast's Innovation and Technology Center's Steady Climb

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Photos via MR Jooste
Photos via MR Jooste

We're not getting a gigundo slide at Comcast's Innovation and Technology Center (CITC). That's cool, we guess. Curbed Philly checked in on construction yesterday, and the 1,121-foot tall mixed-use tower's skyward ascent is progressing swimmingly.

Thornton Tomasetti designed the structural engineering of the CITC, which will rise 1,121 feet above the city streets, semi-aided by a tall blade. It will house Comcast's Millennial-driven, vertical tech campus. To actually top it off, a 222-room Four Seasons Hotel will move from One Logan Square to the upper floors of the CITC. Gensler will be heading the Utopian interior design of the building (alas! No giant slide!) But suffice it to say that pretty much everyone is stoked for this new addition to the Philadelphia skyline. And we mean everyone. Because remember these renderings?

Take it away, Sir Foster:

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