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Casting Call for Reality Show About Neighbors in Philly

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If your bucket list still includes nabbing a starring role on a reality tv show, but alas you possess neither the boobs nor the bravado for Bravo, read on. A new reality show is looking for a few families in Philadelphia, Memphis, and D.C. to "highlight the daily struggles, triumphs, and real issues of middle-class Americans." Yes, 'daily struggles' absolutely includes 'savesies.'
Where We Live, a new docu-series from the producers of Child Genius and America's Supernanny is looking for families to color in the great yawning chasm between The Countess and Mama June and demonstrate how 'real middle-class Americans' live in Philadelphia, Memphis, and D.C. And while the blanket term 'middle-class American' most likely drums up an image of, oh, just about every one you've ever met in your life, this show is seeking a niche demographic. Which probably makes for better television than: "Here Is A Show Based On Everyone." Oh wait.

The casting call for Where we Live reads:

Do you live in a building where your neighbors have become your extended family? Are you the owner/manager of a brownstone where the tenants are larger-than-life characters who interact with each other?

We're looking for urban families and diverse residents from the surrounding areas of Philadelphia, Memphis, and DC living in the same apartment complexes, condos, bungalows, co-ops, communities, brownstones, four-plexes, and walk-ups for an exciting new series about life in the city.

This new multicultural project will highlight the daily struggles, triumphs, and real issues of middle-class America. If you live in a place where it takes a village and your neighbors act like one big crazy family, then please contact us ASAP, and also share with us what makes living in your building special and different.

Submit your name, age, phone number, email, location and photos of yourself and your home to: