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The Gallery And The Reading Viaduct Are The Darlings Of Today's City Planning Agenda

ICYMI today's a pretty big day for the City of Philadelphia. So while you're in line at the polls (don't know where your polling place is? Here you go), have a little look-see at the goings-ons today at 1515 Arch, where the Philadelphia City Planning Commission is meeting at 1:00 p.m. to make important decisions on, amongst other things, the redevelopment projects at The Gallery and The Rail Park.

You can head over here for a complete agenda for today's meeting, which includes a presentation of the school district's capital budget, but of particular interest to Curbed readers are the following action items, which could lend fuel to the ongoing effort by PREIT to transform The Gallery into the Fashion Outlets of Philadelphia. Although the whole thing really hinges on Council's decision, expected to come sometime in mid-June, to grant a city tax break for the Gallery redevelopment. Fingers crossed.

Property Bill No. 150375 authorizing the City to execute or approve various agreements by and among the City, PRA, PAID, and others relating to the redevelopment, operation, and maintenance of properties known as the Gallery Mall. Streets Bill No. 150376 striking sub-surface and aerial portions of Market Street east of Ninth Street, Tenth Street between Market and Filbert Streets, and Eleventh Street between Market and Filbert Streets; and authorizing the conveyance of these and other areas. Action Item: Streets Bill No. 150377 authorizing the construction, ownership, and maintenance of various encroachments into the right-of-way of Market, Filbert, 11th, 10th, 9th and 8th Streets, and assigning rights to an overhead pedestrian bridge above Filbert Street west of Ninth Street. Action Item: Zoning Bill No. 150379 amending the "/CTR" Center City Overlay by adding a new subsection entitled "Market Street East Retail Area" relating to accessory signs, and amending the "Market Street East Sign Regulations" relating to accessory and non-accessory signs.
Also on the agenda is a significant legislative hurdle the proposed Viaduct needs to clear before Phase I can start construction:

Property Bill No. 150415 authorizing the City to acquire an 0.8 acre portion of the elevated rail line known as the "Viaduct," located between North Broad Street, the north side of Noble Street, 11th Street, and the south side of Callowhill Street, and to lease a portion of this property to SEPTA.

Map via Friends of the Rail Park

Curbed will keep you updated on any decisions made at today's meeting.

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Reading Viaduct - Noble St Entrance

Noble Street, Philadelphia, PA