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This Bus Birding Thread on Reddit Proves Goodness of Humanity

Redditors are a special bunch. Masterfully walking the wobbly line between prickly and witty, the mostly-anonymous hoard of handles work furiously to curate the so-called Front Page of the Internet: pondering, sharing, and offering a lending hand to a fellow Redditors in need. Check out this adorable ornithological inquiry in the Philly Reddit sub yesterday. Twitcher Bellnell announces:

I'm looking for places to bird watch/photograph that are accessible by Septa. Bus or El preferred as I live a stone's throw away from FTC. The responses, of course, run the gamut from dismissive (just a few jokesters, below) to earnest and downright resourceful.

And look: somewhat buried in the list of responses (head over here and upvote, already!) is this concise yet thorough interactive map for birding in Philadelphia County, stocked with locations ranging from military bases to elementary schools.

Also according to the thread, Pennypack Park is a hit among the Philly twitcher scene:

"You could take the 58, 88, 67 or 19 bus to Pennypack park," offers Redditor cxaver.

"I absolutely second Pennypack, and Heinz!" Enthuses danbiking. "And the Wissahickon is lovely, but you have to get off the beaten track for that, there's so many people around all the time it's not the best for birding. Also Morris Park (best entrances are either at 66th & Sherwood, or 68th & Haverford Ave, try the 65 or 105 buses, or a bit of a walk from the end of the 10 or 15 trolley lines) - also Cobbs Creek in general."

Head over to Reddit to lend your own advice to user Bellnell, or to glean some useful info about where to take your own ornithological quest. And, perhaps take a cue from these nice Redditors — be kind to one another, folks. We're all we've got.

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