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This Listing Summary is More Impressive Than The Listing Itself

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Photos via Keller Williams Real Estate Tri-County

We know property listings can get a tad past themselves. But clocking in at just over 400 words, the 'summary' for this eight-bedroom, seven-bath Elkins Park estate, dubbed Sylvan Edge, is asking a bit too much of our time. Shark Tank's on tonight. We got ish to do. Here's the lowdown:

· Asking price: $1,249,000
· Apparently recognized by "Architectural Digest and the University of Pennsylvania for its commanding design and craftsmanship"
· Marble, wrought iron abound
· There's a "fun, entertaining bar area"
· Chandeliers
· Kitchen features an eight-burner Viking range
· There may or may not be some whisking away to another time
· Artist's studio above the three car garage
· Original servant's call switches
· There's a pool

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