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Could This Be The Most 'Bachelor' Bachelor Pad in Philly?

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This newly-staged unit at 1352 Lofts, what with its no-fuss kitchen, showy book wall, and plentiful leather seating options, exudes a hyper-masculine vibe so stereotypical that it could very well be a parody of itself. But who cares? Cause it looks sooooo good. Asking $350,000 to $1.5 million, several single and bi-level units at 1352 Lofts on Broad Street are still up for grabs, offering the stayed loft construction concoction of concrete, steel, and glass, and also featuring high ceilings, on-site parking, and tax abatements —all just a saunter away from Chris' Jazz Cafe, The Sporting Club, and other places of various physical pursuits.

· 1352 Lofts [Official Website]