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19th Century Francophile Airbnb Features Isaiah Zagar Mosaic

Philly offers some pretty special airbnb pickings, from a lodging on America's oldest continuously-inhabited street to a houseboat on the Delaware. But here's a Northern Liberties treasure that not only features a huge mosaic by local artist Isaiah Zagar, who unveiled his new South Philadelphia art space earlier this year, but a space that offers a tiny taste of France in Philly, down to its French-speaking hosts.
For $110 a night (or $2,700 a month), guests can inhabit the entire 2nd floor of this eclectic Northern Liberties corner townhouse, which includes a private bedroom and bathroom. Per hosts Susan and Sam's listing (for whom enthusiastically positive reviews just drip off the page): "House is decorated Provencal French! We are a well traveled couple who love guests! Merci!"

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