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Social Media Team At Philly 311 is Pretty Much Killing It

Game recognize game. @philly311, the twitter handle of Philly's centralized non-emergency Contact Center has got it going on. From a quick-fire yet thorough response to a resident wondering why a double-wide trailer replaced a demolished 19th century church, to words of wisdom to residents concerned about potholes, sinkholes, or picnic permits, @philly311 manages to balance efficiency with genuine concern, adding just a touch of wit. And the Twitterverse is brighter for it. Because how were we going to survive a good half a year without #NoSavesies memes, amiright?

Tweets from @philly311 range from cheery morning greetings to little nuggets of useful information about court dates and how exactly you can request a graffiti power-wash.

They even talked a poor user off the ledge yesterday, who, frustrated with seven years of kafkaesque referral loops and request receipts from Philly 311's online request form, took to Twitter in a final attempt to try and get something done with the hot mess of a vacant yard in her neighborhood. @philly311 pulls an Olivia Pope and is all like "it's handled." You can read the entire exchange here.

City bureaucracies tend towards the opaque. It's just how it is. So when a little ray of sunshine peeks through the clouds and onto your Twitter feed (we see you too, @phillypolice), offering little tidbits of information and clarity, it's a nice reminder that someone sees you, and cares. You go, @philly311. xo

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