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A Double Wide Trailer Is Certainly A Surprising Choice For Vacant Lot That Once Housed 19th Century Church

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On May 2, Emaleigh Doley (‏@emaleigh) took to Twitter to reach out to Philly 311 regarding a somewhat odd eyesore at 4711 Germantown Avenue: a double-wide trailer, which, according to Doley's original complaint on Philly 311, "was plopped on the vacant parcel at 4711 Germantown Ave, once the site of the Goodwill Baptist Church" in January or February. Since its arrival, the Philly 311 entry claims, "it's been graffitied, dumped on, cleared out by contractors, and repainted." Doley asks: "Is it legal to relocate a house to a vacant property like this with no communication to nearby residents or businesses?"

In early January 2013, Hidden City reported on several buildings that were lost to fire or demolition the previous year. Wakefield Presbyterian, or the Goodwill Baptist Church at 4711 Germantown Avenue was one of the buildings featured. Via Hidden City:

This large stone church was demolished very quickly, without a peep from the media, (including us) leaving a yawning gap in what had been a block-long string of handsome 19th century structures. It was built in 1886 by architect George T. Pearson, whose residential work is still scattered throughout Germantown and who designed both factories and residences for John Stetson, the Philadelphia hat manufacturer. After the demolition, the land remained vacant until, per Doley, this trailer was unceremoniously and without explanation deposited on the vacant parcel.

There are no signs signifying work is being done legally. This property has long been an eyesore. In the summer months the grass grows high as trash collects. And now this. WTF! It is truly terrible that THIS is the building that replaced the once beautiful Wakefield Presbyterian church, built in 1886, that was demolished due to neglect a few years back. Now an uglier and poorly constructed house stands in its place, equally neglected. I first reported this on 2/20/15. Reference number: #9031898. On the Twitterverse today, it looks like Doley got an initial response from Philly 311.

Any updates on the parcel of land at 4711 Germantown Avenue, or this trailer? Hit up our anonymous tipline, or email us, here.