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Imagine If Pop Artist Roy Lichtenstein Mapped Philadelphia

Just when it got a whole lot easier to geek out over a veritable treasure trove of topographic maps, Pop art lovers can also get their cartographic fix by poring over this Lichtensteinian masterpiece. CityLab uncovered an incredible mapping project by Katie Kowalsky, a cartographer at the University of Wisconsin's dedicated lab. Kowalsky used a program called Mapbox Studio to build out a zoom-able world map (you can check out a comically-rendered Big Apple over at Curbed NY) in the style of Pop Art genius Roy Lichtenstein—comic strip-like lettering and primary colors and all —just disappointingly (yet understandably) devoid of Lichtenstein's signature speech bubbles. (Ha! Imagine if "Oh, Eric..." appeared as you hovered over North Broad?) Kowalsky told CityLab, "It required a lot of thinking about how to incorporate a Lichtenstein color scheme at every zoom level without it being hard on the eyes." What do you think, art-lovers? How does the City of Brotherly Love look with a little Pop treatment?

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