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$8K Waterfront Condo Features Double Greenhouse

Photos via Zillow

Perched atop the Delaware, in the shadow of the Ben, kinda in Old City, kinda not, this four-bedroom, four and a half-bath condo in the Residences at Pier Five is a townhouse infused into the original historical pier. It's pretty neat-o, not just because it happens to feature a double greenhouse (currently, per the photos, being used as extra living space thanks to handy dandy hangover-friendly shades over the skylights), but because it also includes an interior garage, and the pier happens to house the "largest residential indoor/outdoor atrium garden in Philadelphia." The 4,500 square-foot unit (a tad bigger than the neighboring houseboat for rent via Airbnb), boasts fireplaces, built-ins, wooden cabinetry, and a terrace that literally sits on the water. Maybe factor into the rent all the beers you'll guzzle at neighboring Summerfest this season?

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