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No One Earning Minimum Wage Can Afford a Two-Bedroom Apartment in Philadelphia

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If you earn minimum wage, there is absolutely no way you can afford a two-bedroom apartment in Philadelphia. This information comes from a new report by the National Low Income Housing Coalition, who created the above graphic by weighing in rising housing costs across the country with the dipping job earnings. Pennsylvania ranks 20th in terms of how much people need to earn to afford to live in a two-bedroom unit at fair market price. Coming in at number 1? Hawaii, of course. It pays to live in paradise.

According to CityLab, the "average American" needs $19.35/hour to afford a two-bedroom apartment. In Philadelphia, according to the report by NLIHC, you need to earn a little less than $23/hour to afford decent housing. But it gets worse —that's at 'fair market price' which is far lower than what apartments in the city are actually fetching today.

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