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New Home Decor App Luvs You Right Back

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Cataluv just hit the app store today, a mobile shopping app for home décor. Via founder Allison Berliner: "Cataluv combines what consumers like about Instagram, catalogs, and online shopping - all in one experience." Through the app, shoppers can browse and buy home décor items for their digs: anything from textiles and ceramics to quirky prints, delivered right to your door with a click. Curbed was invited to test-drive the app for the last few days. Our verdict: it's really, really dangerous. We love it. Or, should we say, we luv it.

"I created Cataluv because I am allergic to long-term leases and love decorating new spaces," says Berliner. "I often get my inspiration on the go, from places like Instagram and Pinterest and Design/DIY blogs - but these things never actually lead me to products I can easily shop. It's super frustrating." Her solution was to develop a mobile app that lets you browse home décor collections right on your phone, and lets you "Luv" entire looks, or just a single product, making it easy to come back and drool over a favorite item, or actually buy that perfect throw pillow for your new chaise.

We asked Berliner to help us imagine new looks for one of our favorite new listings: this stunningly restored 19th century brownstone in Fairmount, boasting three bedrooms, five baths, and asking $999,000.

"Something about the kitchen table in this started sending me signals of Canvas Home," says Berliner. Canvas Home is one of Cataluv's retail partners, one that that blends a country with an urban chic aesthetic. "I think their "love to lounge" look would be an updated take on some of the living spaces in this property. What I especially love in the Canvas look is how the deep color and lush texture of the sofa complements the coffee table."

"And on the kitchen, I was also drawn to the gloss porcelain pitchers, from Leif, which come in several colors and sizes. They are simple and beautiful and when mixed and matched definitely add an element of design."

Shoppers can click on the little hearts over individual products to read their descriptions, learn their prices, and favorite them for later.

After you click on the little arrow to the right of a product, you'll see a "Buy it now" button, which sends your picks straight to your door via Fedex. Cataluv allows returns within 60 days of purchase.

You can learn more about Cataluv through their video, here. Happy shopping!
· 2130 Green Street [Estately]
· Cataluv [App Store Download]