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Brand Spanking New Condo in Historic Railroad HQ Asks $900K

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Photos via The Willings

When The Willings - the original headquarters for the Reading Railroad - was built, the company was one of the most powerful in the world. It was named after Thomas Willings, a Revolutionary War financier and one of the wealthiest men in the country at the time, who had a mansion in the neighborhood. The building's exterior has since been shorn of superfluous ornamentation and is now somewhat unremarkable, at least from the outside: just another brick facade in a sea of brick facades. But - check it: Unit #202, a two-bedroom, two and a half-bath residence asking $899,995 (plus about a grand a month in HOA fees) is so incredibly fancy it comes with its own moniker: "The Douglass Manor." The custom unit, delivered fresh from the developer, features massive bay windows, a stainless steel kitchen, parquet floors, and quadruple insulated walls. There's even an attic, and the unit comes with a storage locker and deeded parking. Have no need for the spot? Feel free to shave $50K off the price of the pad.

· The Willings [Official Developer Website]
· 211 South 4th Street #7 [Estately]