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Philly Doesn't Even Rank Among Most Costly Cities For Rentals

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Although the median price for a one-bedroom rental in Philadelphia may make some of us seasoned Philadelphians balk, apparently we got it good compared to quite a few other cities. According to Zumper, among the most expensive cities in the United States to rent, Philadelphia doesn't even rank in the top 10.

Last time we checked, the median price for a one-bedroom rental in Philadelphia was $1,350. According to Zumper, this hasn't changed much at all in the last few months (the median rent now at $1,400), knocking Philadelphia out of contention for most egregiously-priced rental markets.

The winner, of course? San Francisco, whose ever-worsening rental climate can probably best be summarized in this Airbnb listing for a tent in someone's backyard. Asking price? $899/month. We got it good, Philly. Relatively speaking.

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