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Stunning Footage From Some of Philly's Most Private Rooftops

Unless you're one of the brave souls whose job entails scaling the highest of Philadelphia's buildings (kudos for pulling this off in Spiderman suits, Jenkintown Building Services), you've probably witnessed only a smattering of the spectacular rooftop views Philadelphia has to offer. That's because a vast majority of them are closed to the public. But Cory J. Popp, Philly's de facto photographer, got himself quite the hook-up: unlimited access by Brandywine Realty Trust to the rooftops of some of the tallest buildings in Philadelphia, for four solid weeks.

Via Popp: "This is the largest story I've ever shot, and is the result of 4 weeks, 70 hours, 230 GB, 204 video clips, and 40 timelapses made from 16,228 photographs. This is my first story to be released in 4k, and captures and incredible amount of detail that can be seen from this perspective." Ladies and gentlemen, we give you Philly from Above. Hold on to your hats.

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