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This Stunning Princeton Cottage Has Never Been Sold Before

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Welcome to the MLS, lil' guy! This three-bedroom, two and a half-bath stone barn nestled on a Princeton meadow is newly-available in condominium ownership with the adjacent Stone Manor House. Asking $1,295,000 plus $400 in condo fees a month, the 18th-century barn is steeped in some rich early-American history. It was part of the Quaker settlement established in 1696 at Stony Brook (renamed Prince Town in 1724) by Joseph Worth, one of the original European settlers. "Worth's Mill" operated from 1714 to 1914 and was among the earliest industrial enterprises in the area. The three-story barn features exposed original beams, an artist's studio in the lower level (where the bedrooms also reside, each with its own quick get-away door to the outside), and a dumbwaiter. The upper level boasts a loft-like sitting area looking over the living space below.

· 623 Lawrenceville Road [Estately]