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Neighbors Beg for Demo of 'Nightmare on 2nd and Monroe'

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Photos via Megan Jooste

Right across the street from the best macaroon south of South, a giant white monstrosity rears up from the street. At first glance, one might think the structure a sort of interactive art installation. A study in what it looks like to dump a vat of white paint onto a row of brick townhouses and skedaddle. But this is not art. This is apparently illegal construction gone wrong, and left to rot.

Last sold in 2013 as a multi-property parcel for a little over a million dollars, the neighbor-dubbed 'Nightmare on 2nd Monroe' dons a cease operations/stop work order on its boarded-up entry way behind metal chain-link fences that line the sidewalk.

A petition sits in Cafe Fulya across the street, imploring residents to sign their name to voice their demand that the City of Philadelphia "safely demolish the illegally built and unsafe structure at 718-724 S. 2nd and 207-209 Monroe Streets immediately."

If you have any information about this property, hit up our anonymous tipline or email us. Perhaps this demo/construction/avant-garde art project just needs a little wind in its sails to complete its journey.

· 718 South 2nd Street [Redfin]