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ICON 1616 Takes the Cake for Most Amenities-Packed Building

There's a rooftop hot tub over at 777 South Broad. Park Towne Place Apartments boasts 'car detailing services,' and up in Brewerytown, The Fairmount at Brewerytown promises a dog-walking area, as well as a pool, up on the rooftop. Philly is host to a bevy of gorgeous apartment buildings, each one vying for your attention, most offering luxury amenities that thankfully extend far beyond a '24/hour concierge.'

But right now in the City of Philadelphia, the arguably single-most amenities-packed building has to be ICON 1616, which is also one of Philadelphia's finest examples of Art Deco design in the city. The building offers its residents a handsome assortment of luxurious amenities such as pet grooming, and vitamin C-infused showers. There are charging stations for electric cars, a private dining room with a fireplace, an herb harden, a sky deck, and cold storage for grocery delivery. A personal trainer is also available for each resident.
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