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Craigslist Apartment Listings Imagined as Billboards

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Driving into the city on I-95, just before the exit for 676, a steadily-rotating collection of Visit Philly billboards welcomes visitors to the city. "Run the steps like nobody's watching," reads one, accompanied by a black-and-white photo of a dancer in mid-leap at the top of the steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. "There's no jawn like home," reads another, a sunset photo of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge floating above the visitor's bureau's cutesy "With Love, Philadelphia xoxo signature along the bottom." Visit Philly recently held a contest for residents of Philadelphia to create their own billboard to shuffle into the rotation, and although the winner has already been selected, you can still create-your-own 'billboard' on the Write-A-Billboard app, to share with friends and family on social media (albeit on a slightly smaller scale).

Just because Renters Week has gone by doesn't mean we can't have a little fun and give old buddy Craigslist the billboard treatment, using the actual listing photos and accompanying text as fodder for what very well might make some fun additions to that little stretch of 95.

Here's what around $2,000 rents you in Philly. On Craigslist. As billboards.

↑This two-bedroom unit in the Notting Hill apartments in Conshohoken boasts a "perfect blend of form and function," and a pool, right next to the Schuylkill River. Bonus points for the Oxford Comma.

↑This two-bedroom apartment out on Lincoln drive offers the timeless appeal of being able to do "laundry on your own time within the comfort of your own home." Dogs and cats are welcome. Woof!

↑This "roomy" two-bedroom in Queen Village is on the first floor of an 18 feet wide row home and its finished basement. The basement is finished with new carpet and "has a lot of natural light from a large skylight."

↑This Northern Liberties Loft features one bedroom and one full bath just a few-minutes' walk from The Piazza and the El.

↑This listing is pretty darn cool. This one-bedroom on Green Street in the Art Museum area is located in the Bergdoll Mansion, the so-called "grand dame of Green Street." The 1,000 square-foot apartment, one of six units in the building, offers high ceilings, a fireplace with original tile, and woodwork throughout.

↑Yes, we can guess where. We all know where. But we thought we'd add this one-bedroom in Goldtex to save someone the trouble of adding it in the comments.

↑This three-bedroom, one and a half-bath house in "the Fairmount area of Philadelphia" is pretty nice, but something tells us this may be a little farther away from the actual area of Fairmount than it wants to let on.

↑This two-bedroom, multi-level unit above Bicycle Therapy on South Street boasts central air-conditioning, a garbage disposal, ceramic cook-top and granite countertops.

We meet again. Asking $2,000, this undeniably "unique" house in Bucks County boasts two bedrooms and a loft, two bathrooms, and a detached two-car garage. Per the listing, it features a "very open layout with lots of skylights."

↑Grass is quite the commodity in urban housing, so if you got it, flaunt it. This four-bedroom residence in West Philly offers plenty of the green stuff, plus a roof deck and parking in a gated community on 48th Street.

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