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7 Other 'Hated' Buildings That Could Use More Love

Over the weekend, T Magazine published a fascinating piece in which Curbed's very own architecture critic Alexandra Lange turned the mic over to seven of the world's leading architects. Their task? To play devil's advocate for some of the "most hated buildings" around the world. In a few hundred words, Zaha Hadid argued that the embattled Orange County Government Center in Goshen, NY "enacted democracy through spatial integration," Ada Tolla argued the Vele Di Scampia housing project in Naples, Italy, showed how megastructures could potentially solve urban overpopulation, and so on. Judging by reader reactions on Twitter, some people didn't quite hate the buildings mentioned at all. Meanwhile, others had their own ideas of which structures should be on the list. Many fingers pointed at Boston's very controversial, very Brutalist City Hall (↑).

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