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Let's Compare the New Comcast Tower to the Great Pyramid

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The Comcast Innovation & Technology Center is well on its way to becoming the tallest tower in the city. Complete with the 'Reverse the Curse' miniature William Penn statue that will shift from the original Comcast tower to the roof of the CITC (because look how well that worked), it will top 1,121 feet by the time it's finished. 1,121 measly feet is still peanuts to the likes of Burj Khalifa in Dubai, which towers over 2,700 feet above the Persian Gulf city, but it'll still leave a few one-time giants in the dust.

According to this handy-dandy comparison chart via Skyscraper Page, CITC beats out the Eiffel Tower by only a tad, but seriously lets those pyramids at Giza know who's boss. The (Great) Pyramid of Cheops isn't even half as high, which is said to have risen over 480 feet before time and looters did their worst and reduced it by about 40 feet.

Truth time: CITC's height will indeed be aided by the use of a tall blade, which some say is cheating —building a structure supertall, but filling it with uninhabited or unusable space that makes it that tall—but haters gonna hate.

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