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Quiz: Should You Move To (or Out of) Philadelphia?

Maybe you're thinking about getting the heck out of dodge for the Papal visit. You wouldn't be the only one. But perhaps you need more than just a brief respite from the varying charms of life in the City of Brotherly Love. Could you be ready to get out for good? This new quiz from can help you figure out whether you are really ready to skedaddle, or if you're just feeling that mid-summer wanderlust that tempts the best of us to other pastures. The questions in the quiz range from the practical (e.g., "Do you have enough money saved to hire movers?") to the personal (e.g., "Are you dating someone who doesn't want to move?"). But be warned: questions like "[Do] you keep picturing yourself in another place?" and "Are you ready for a new adventure?" will probably have you packing your bags by the end of the quiz, if you were even the slightest bit inclined at the onset of the quiz to flee.

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