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Golden Tea House Opens as Actual House, Asks $2,400/Mo

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Photos via XPN, Craigslist

The beloved underground music venue at 40th and Baring closed its doors in February for, as the Facebook announcement read, "predictable inevitable causes."

Venue organizers had kept the Golden Tea House going for more than two and a half years, hosting indie giants like The Sidekicks and The Menzingers (video after jump) until it threw in the towel to join the host of DIY spaces past: The Ox, Ava House, Terrordome, the Fake House and Stalag 13, and soon (now?)(sort of?) the church.

But yesterday a tipster alerted us to this listing on Craigslist that isn't just the spitting image of the Golden Tea House, with a fresh coat of paint and minus the impassioned hordes?

"You've never seen a house like this!" Reads the listing. The four-bedroom house on 40th and Baring, asking $2,400 a month, features and open kitchen/dining/mosh pit room with 22-foot ceilings, a balcony, a modern bathroom, and a washer and a dryer in the basement. Seemingly absent: "the outlines of hundreds of pristine skate shoes branded into the linoleum by the chemical commingling of virgin sweat and inexpensive beer."

Let's reminisce, shall we? And cheers to you lucky sods who get to live within these hallowed walls.

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