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This Unassuming Georgian Estate's Interior is Just Full-On Quirk

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Location: Elkins Park, PA
Price: $995,000

This six-bedroom, eight-bath Robert McGoodwin in Elkins Park incorporates some pretty incongruous design elements into the house's seemingly predictable Georgian architecture. For some of the rooms, you gotta almost cover one eye and squint through the other one to make it work. But as they say, de gustibus non est disputandum, right?

You've got an art deco bar and movie theater that travelled all the way from the Elks Lodge in Centralia, WA, you've got a repurposed Episcopal Church from Chestnut Street in the Family Room, and a 1974 Trompe L'oeil round dining room, painted by the New York interior designer and painter, Richard Lowell Neas, you got some clouds on a ceiling here, and some Corinthian columns there. There's a lot going on. It's just a lot. The 8,400 square-foot named residence (it goes by Fox Muir) also features a blessedly non-repurposed kitchen, and expansive grounds, where the crazy design party takes a bit of a chill pill: there's a perfectly Plain-Jane pool area with changing rooms, an outdoor kitchen, and a tennis court.

· 8212 Cedar Road, Elkins Park [Fox Muir]
· Centralia, PA [Official Site]
· R. L. Neas, 67, A Decorator And Muralist [NYT]
· Elks Lodge, Centralia, WA