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Socially Conscious Living Communities Wash Through Philly

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Photos via Oxford Mills

Sandwiched between to El stops is a South Kensington community that houses people who choose to live there not just for the usual reasons of price and location, but one other key component: causes. Oxford Mills is the first development in the city that bills itself with a mission: an 'urban oasis for teachers and nonprofits.'
This is a true education community, replete with 40,000 s.f. of office space and 114 residential spaces. The developers, Greg Hill and Gabe Canuso in collaboration with Seawall Development, caught the interest of like-minded organizations like Teach for America and education incubators. Teachers get a discount in rent (naturally).

The complex originally began life in the 1870s as a mill. After converting to a lamp factory, it has become reinvented as an education oasis. Happy hours, community cleanups, and back-to-school breakfasts regularly cycle through the community.
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