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Video: Inspiring Views From Atop One Liberty Observation Deck

Photos via Cory J. Popp

The One Liberty Observation Deck, set to open this fall, will unleash a vista of Philadelphia from 57 floors (and more than 883 feet) high. And now, we have stunning photos from Cory J. Popp--and a video to unveil the 360 degree view.
Check out the moody video, which has a distinctly melancholy arthouse flick feel in black and white. Which isn't surprising, given that Philly from the Top will be operated by Paris-based Montparnasse 56 Group, who will likely put in a French café. Mais, bien sûr. Together, the photos and video paint a palette that give you a glimpse of the city from above, until you can see it in full color.

You can also follow along on the Observation Deck's Facebook page, Instagram account, or Twitter handle @PhillyFromTop.