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Old City Frescoes in Church Officially Certified as Historic

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We all know that Philadelphia has a wealth of history. And here's one more item to officially enter into the record books: the frescoes in Old City's St. Augustine Church have been certified as the oldest in any church in America.

Pretty cool. This Catholic Church, opened by Augustinians who came to Philly as their first stop in the country, is now recognized as an historic snapshot of 1848, though the frescoes themselves were painted in 1844 by the Italian Nicola Monachesi. He came over to paint them in the same style as Raphael had in the Vatican, and subsequently gained an upstanding reputation among the city's upper class. No homes have been found with Monachesi's work since, rendering this find all the more important.

Come in and see what you can interpret. Maybe you can even draw an Illuminati reference or two.

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