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Amazon Is Into Philly; Specifically, in Our Home Repair Projects

So, you probably go to Amazon to find items you need for your home. Did you ever consider looking for skilled laborers to take on those otherwise DIY projects? Amazon is hoping that you will. They have expanded Amazon Home Services so that residents can access 900 services contracted through local, regional, and national companies.

Hanging pictures, fixing faucets, and painting walls are all part of the deal.

So, Amazon wants you to lose Angie's List or Yelp, because they don't throughly search the backgrounds of the service providers. They also don't necessarily get hefty insurance policies. And, in a measure of good faith, nothing is charged on your credit card until the work is done.

So when you search for someone to install those new cabinets, you'll see a list of partners (likely just three or four in each category) in order from least to most costly. User reviews can steer you toward the right one.

And in the big picture view, Amazon will recommend a service provider to help with installation for that large appliance you just bought from their site. That way, there's even less reason to buy from the site.

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