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Behold the Penthouse Apartment for Bargain-Hunters

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Photos via The Condo Shop

Right at the tippy-top of Cityview Condominiums, this two-bedroom (sort of), two-bath residence soars above the city, but when it comes to its price, is refreshingly down to Earth. Behold the $379,900 penthouse. There's parking included in the sale, and truly spectacular views over the city from its perch on the 26th floor. In reality, this 1,100 square-foot abode hints strongly at being a one-bedroom plus a den: that nook next to the living room has a completely curved wall that may make furniture any larger than a crib a bit awkward. But two-bedroom does have a certain ring to it. Plus, people are doing more with much, much less. The condo fees, around $625 a month, include water, sewer, pool and access to the gym.

· 2001 Hamilton Street, P307 [Estately]
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