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Iconic Woolworth Mansion For Sale, is Naturally a Bargain

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Photos via Weichert

The world's first "5¢ Woolworth Brothers Store" opened on 18 July, 1879 in Harrisburg, PA, the brainchild of Charles Sumner "Sum" Woolworth and his brother Frank. After a short while, the brothers moved their brand to Scranton, which became the company headquarters. The Woolworth Mansion was built in 1909 by Lansing Holden for Sum and his family, and its opulence relative to its neighbors reflects the state of the company at the time of its construction — it had grown to be one of the largest retail chains in the world, and continued to thrive through most of the 20th century. The Woolworth building in NYC, whose spectacular $110M penthouse continues to garner international attention, was once the world's tallest building.

At some point after his death, the almost 8,000 square-foot manse was zoned commercial, and it's being sold now for $295,000, with the option to buy the Carlisle House beside it. The massive structure features elements of the original house, including a massive sunroom with original glass panels and decorative beams lining several ceilings, all in varying states of disrepair. It'll take more than a few nickels and dimes to bring the structure back to its original grandeur. (And those taxes! Mon dieu!)

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