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Forget Reading Material, This Toilet Comes with a Carousel

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Photos via Kurfiss Sotheby's Int'l Realty-Bryn Mawr
Photos via Kurfiss Sotheby's Int'l Realty-Bryn Mawr

Anyone who leisurely browses eBay for random paraphernalia of questionable value knows that carousel horses don't come cheap. Fernside Cottage, this four-bedroom, five and a half-bath estate in Gladwyne, PA, features a few of them. Plus a dozen or so weather vanes, plus an accent wall crafted entirely of ceramic vases. The residence, asking $4,495,000, was originally built in 1835 as a mill worker's house, until Dr. DeWitt Ludlum, the psychologist who created the Gladwyne Colony converted the structure into a single house for himself in 1910.

In 1964, John Dorrance of Campbell's Soup Company scooped up the property to create the Dorrance Estate. Fernside Cottage remained part of his Dolebrand compound until 1992, when it was sold. In the 1900's, modernist phenom Daniel Evan White swooped in and transformed the stone-clad house into a massive glass display case tucked into the three-acre property.

Not just a few rooms are completely encased in glass, including the master bedroom, and its horse-and-flora embellished bath.

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