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NBC 10 and The Myth of the Papal Fence

Dawn broke on July 3rd with word that large swaths of Center City Philadelphia were to be fenced-in for the Papal visit in September.

One of their "sources?" The General Manager for Embassy Suites, who, per the broadcast, dished that the secret service spoke with him about building a "thirteen-foot barrier from the door to the street." The NBC10 report continues: "Officials plan to construct an 8-foot tall fence to enclose a more than 4 mile stretch of Center City for Pope Francis' visit in September, multiple sources with knowledge of security plans tell NBC10."

The Twitter-verse immediately lit up with humor and concern in equal measure. You know how these things go.

And through the frenzy, a single voice rang out, asking: "Hello? Earth to NBC 10?"

From NBC10, radio silence. But this from the Mayor's office:

Ladies and gentlemen, #popefence-gate. The veritable Twitter-tornado that blew through town while the rest of us were just trying to enjoy some fireworks, slam some hot dogs down our gullets, and get a little buzz on.

Will there be a #popefence come September?

"Way too early to speculate as things change almost daily," said Secret Service spokesman Robert Hoback in an e-mail to NewsWorks requesting comment on the NBC10 report.

So there you have it. So far, there has been no updates from NBC 10, and assumedly the only parties who really know what the heck is going down with #popefence or whatever you want to call it are the Secret Service and God. Both equally (and understandably) tight-lipped about the whole shebang.

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