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Caddy App Takes Hassle Out of Beach Boondoggles

Hitting the beach as a parent is a pain in the tushie. There's just so much stuff. And don't tell us we don't need it all: the coolers, the toys upon toys, the lotions, the chairs, the towels, and those baby beach tents to protect our wee bairns from errant ocean spray. We need all. this. stuff. But now, thanks to a new app, beach-goers in Ocean City, NJ, need only worry about holding little hands while crossing the street, and somehow evenly coating the little squirmers with lotion. The app: Beach Caddy. The cost: it's worth it.

One of the app's developers, Todd Serpico, says the whole idea came to fruition over a few bottles of wine. As they do. He says: "this whole thing started over a couple of families and friends laughing and dining over some eggplant parmesan and a bottle of red wine (or two)," Serpico said. "We had seven kids running around playing with each other and Pizza said, "Hey, wouldn't this be a great idea …"

Now available on the app store and via the company's website, the app promises to lighten your load in exchange for $10 each way, plus a suggested tip.

"The Beach Caddies will promptly meet you at your residence, rental or vehicle based on your prearranged time," the new company announces in its promotional material. "Caddies will follow your requests and effectively establish you and your loved ones at your favorite beach spot. Beach Caddy care will include a general knowledge of the tide schedule for that day. Use our app to book your trip either to the beach, or even for your leisurely stroll home after the relaxing day in the sun."

Bonus? The caddy isn't just going to chuck your crap down on the sand and scurry away. He or she will set up your chairs and umbrellas for you. Leaving you to lotion up and maybe actually relax a little. Until someone gets sand in their eye or water in their hair or a seagull steals your sandwich. You know how it goes. It's all very precious.

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