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Philly's Best New Rooftop Hangout Is in This Shuttered School

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Le Bok Fin, Philadelphia's newest and hippest (yet tragically temporary) rooftop hangout, is located in the former Edward W. Bok Technical High School on South Ninth Street. Open on select evenings through September 13th, the pop-up restaurant, located on an 8,000 square-foot terrace at the top of the former school, offers French-inspired cuisine, wines, craft beers, and arguably some of the most Instagram-able vistas ever to come out of South Philly.

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In July, Lindsey Scannapieco of Scout Ltd. bought the 8-story, 338,000-square-foot building from the School District of Philadelphia for a little over two million bucks.

While eventual uses for the mixed-use building will include providing work spaces for local creatives and entrepreneurs, the developer installed a pop-up restaurant on the school's terrace as "the first in a program of temporary uses Scout plans on using to demonstrate the potential of the building, including rooftop cinema, restaurants or outdoor beer terraces, private event space and rooftop farming."

The pop-up experiment has been a wild success. As proof, let's take to Instagram to dig up some anecdotal data. Since it opened in the beginning of August, more than 800 people have taken a snapshot of the views from Le Bok Fin's terrace and posted it to Instagram under the hashtag #lebokfin. That's a lot of selfies and sunsets. Take a look at some of the best Bok images on Instagram and see if they don't inspire you to free up some time this week to check it out for yourself.

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1901 S. 9th Street | Philadelphia, PA 19148